About The Author


Joseph Rotonda is a 64 year-old poet of African, Italian & American decent, who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Rotonda is a hairdresser and has one year of college experience under his belt. He 1st learned of poetry in 1971 and has been writing as a hobby ever since. When asked, "Why do you write?" Mr. Rotonda explains in eloquently vivid detail:

"Thought-provoking words stimulate my mind, body and soul. I want to use words that walk on paper, that wake up the sun, that holds eternity sleeping on the tip of my brush."

"I want to use words that see inside an echo while tasting a rose," continues the eloquent artiste. "So I dress this world with words that dance, that give praise to Jesus, that stimulate what's inside me, that show compassion and passion in this "what's-in-it-for-me" society..."

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Joe shares with us two stunning pieces from his poetry book Vincent And Theo, a lovely collection of poetry about the Van Gogh brothers. A Day With Vincent & For Vincent And Theo "shows the compassion between two brothers." I'm sure we all will enjoy Joe's poetry, for as he adds, "Earthly thoughts don't go very far, but the spiritual quintessence moves me into sacred ground where immortal harmony becomes Gods symphony ... "

-Joe Rotonda