We  are  on  this  Planet 

for  Such  a  Short  Time,


existing for the love of

others and ourselves,

parenting our way

to purpose and understanding

what life truly means.

We dance around problems,

trials, and tests,

discovering what's important

for our well being.

Hurt pushes us into new directions

that re-adjust what

we thought was healthy.

New turns show new directions,

where paths of uncertainty become certain.

We learn to give and not take.

We learn to be humble and not self-centered.

We learn to laugh,

to cry, to share,

to be sensitive to others needs,

to listen to the pain inside them.

Family death comes along

and disrupts our way of life.

We stop to readjust once again

to see what has real meaning for us.

We learn how to pray,

to love,

to listen to the pain inside our soul.


Joe Rotonda   4/4/04