The completion of events that started with the crucifixionis coming:
disruption, chaos, wars, tribulation, and the killing of innocent men,
women and children over a religious territory of long ago.

Jesus will bring His soldiers of Light to stop this horrific display
of mankind’s sinning and unholy decisions.

He will bring His sword of justice and cut the earth in half.

His angels will march in and destroy everything
man can see, hear, or touch.
He whispers to His heavenly Father, asking,
“What would You have Me do with the unbelievers,
the killers of life, the non-praying, non-worshipping ones?”

His Father says, “Cast out the unsaved ones
and give mercy to those who give Me honor.”

It is a sad time in the separation of souls.
This day comes too soon for the unprepared,
too soon for those who put Jesus second,
too soon for those who have no compassion
or humility for their brother, too soon.

He gives no warning of this day.
His crucifixion will finally show why He died.

Living on this planet will take on new directions,
and His purpose will be put back into Divine order.
Souls will be saved and souls will be lost.

Satan will truly see the power of the Almighty that day.
God reigns over everything.
The day—when—is coming.
Will I see it? I don’t know.
I am preparing myself
to be on the side of the crucifixion,
to be part of His eternal home,
to be in His presence forever