Matthew 10:32*

Do I know God, and if I do,
do I acknowledge Him?
Jesus walked this earth
two thousand years ago for many reasons.
He brought His love into this world
to show me His Father’s home.
He was a man among men
who sacrificed His life for me.
He removed all my iniquities
so I could be with Him forever.
What must I do to prove my love to Him?
What must I do to be in His home of grace and mercy?
What must I do to show recognition to God,
the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, all being One?
Man’s writings—the Bible—leave His printed history.
Do I believe in everything printed,
or is there something more I need to know
to accept and believe in this holy man?
Wherefore art you in this matter?
I have a choice of believing He existed or not.
He is in my heart. He is in my soul.
I will give the best that is in me to show His all.
I will leave a residue of His existence for all to see.
God sent Jesus here to show me His way.
He is, was, and will always be.
The Holy Spirit is an invisible connection to Jesus,
who aids me in accepting this man sent from God.
I have a choice in life,
accepting Jesus as my personal savior,
nothing more, nothing less.